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scope mount - 146B-A
I've searched, but haven't found a direct answer to my question, which is "Has anyone seen a scope mount which will fit the 2 peep sight holes at the left rear of the receiver? without modification" I'm not willing to drill and tap the receiver and don't want to (not equipped to) drill a hole in a...

HAPPY 10-22 DAY !!
Well today is 10-22 day !! Let all of us 10-22 guys be grateful for owning these wonderful little rifles !! Cheers !!!

I'm rather pleased with the results
I bought a 10/22 target awhile ago and I spent a good amount of time researching scopes. I ended up getting an Athlon scope. Other than replacing the pink Hogue stock that came on the gun the only thing on this gun that isn't from the factory is the stock. I got a Magpul X-22 in tan because I...

My New CZ 512 Tactical .22 LR
I bought a new CZ 512 Tactical in .22lr and I must say I'm very satisfied with my choice of this rifle. It was made in June 2016. The trigger is very nice out of the box, it has zero trigger take-up, there is a bit of creep then breaks clean at 2lbs 11oz out of the box. The upper receiver is...

Got buttplate?
Just bought a used Match 54 target rifle, it came with a hook buttplate which I dont care much for. This is the type of plate that slides up and down on the butt by using a dovetail arrangement. Anybody have a standard buttplate they dont want? Thanks. :)

Action screw torque
I just had the barrel assembly out of the stock on my 455 Varmint.Put a YoDave spring on the trigger. My question is what are you(all) using to get the proper and equal torque on the action screws ? I had a 30T screwdriver and a short Allen wrench,just tightened it snug. My in/lb torque wrench...

Cheap little 7/8ths inch Weaver D4 and V22 scopes
I have a D4 with a broken ocular. I have a V22 with a cracked turret housing. Does anyone know if I can remove the D4's turret housing and cannibalize it on to the V22 without destroying it. The housing seems to be snapped in, but it may be one of those "once in, always in" assemblies. Just...

WTB Savage Mod. 29 lifter spring
I’m looking for a lifter spring for my Savage model 29. I’ve looked all over and was hoping to find somebody here that might have one that they were willing to part with. Thanks John

Identify my Anschutz ?
Just got a Match 54 a few days ago, made in 1972 according to the barrel date, reading through the sticky at the top of this forum I surmise it is either a 1407 or a 1408, cant tell the difference by reading the chart. What is the difference in these two models, please.

Nursing a bad stomach and high velocity slurry all weekend I settled for a late afternoon limp to an old holly bush hide under some oaks next to a pond with in range for an old man with a sore...... Anyway, I took the .410 and this old Webley never fails to satisfy. Image:...

DIY 10/22?
Please forgive me if this topic has already been addressed, I claim newbie-ness. TOPIC: Is it possible to construct a 10/22 from the wealth of available aftermarket components for the Ruger 10/22? If so, what would the designs look like, and what would it be called, Ruger-ish, Ruger-style,...

Chamber iron
Anyone know where I can find a Menck chamber Iron. It seems they have gone out of production. Thanks... Sam

FVSR Stock Question
I just replaced the factory stock on my FVSR with a Boyd’s Pro Varmint Stock. Was wondering if anybody on here could tell me what the torque on the action screws should be ?

FS Anschutz Model 54 Match
Anschutz Model 54 Match. Nice gun made before 1962, when they started stamping the barrel with the date. The stock is solid with a few small handling dings on it, no cracks or break's, in very solid condition with original finish on it. The barrel has the scope blocks on it, but does have a few...

FS Cooper Model 52 Rifle in .270 WIN
Really nice like new Cooper Model 52 Rifle in 270 Winchester. The rifle has had maybe a box of shells through it. Synthetic stock with matte stainless fluted barrel as well as fluted bolt. Warne rings are included. Please feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking.

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