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This gun has been professional built by our DJ. It has a Benchmark barrel with target chamber and cone breech. DIP rail and mag well. It has the Fly trigger. Custom bolt handle. The stock is a piece of art made by Zorrow. It is pillared and bedded. It shoots in the .1 and .2's with Eley match or...

Nra 9422
I'm looking at a gun and I can't find any information on it. It's a 9422 that has NRA engraved on the right side of the receiver. There are no other markings. It is a 1993 model by serial number. There is no box with it. Can anyone help?

VQ trigger question
I have a mk 1v hunter which is crazy accurate with the Federal auto match shells. Off of bags at 20 yards it easily groups at 3/4" and under. Love the gun hate the trigger so I ordered a Volquartson accurizing kit. I don't think I'll care for a 2 1/2 pound trigger would like about 3 1/2 better. If...

FS 6 cases Remington 17 mach2 ammo
6 sealed cases 2000rds/cs $535.00 shipped per case. Remington 17 mach2 - made by Eley. 1st take it's first served Make sure your legal on your end.

WTB WTB M2 Springfield
Looking to purchase a nice M2 Springfield .22 training rifle, prefer correct unmolested example, arsenal upgraded ok, MII, MI, M2, etc. email direct at amo916 at aol.com thanks fellas

10% off and free shipping at Cabela's
10% off and free shipping at Cabela's on orders of $99+. Today only with Club Visa Card. 17CLUB426 *Offer not valid on firearms, ammunition, gift cards, gift certificates, licenses, return shipments, Cabela's employee orders, corporate or government sales orders, or prior purchases. Offer...

Confusion over handgun noise levels
Folks I have heard 22lr handguns are always much noisier than 22lr rifles, some figures say150 compared to 140 decibels which is mathematically double the noise. What if a long barrel handgun aka 10-12'' places the muzzle at similar distance from the firer as shouldered rifle muzzle is? Assuming...

How did I do?
I picked up a 22/45 4.5" threaded used today at the lgs for $307.99 otd. It came with 7 mags, Hogue grips, tac solutions rail, tk hammer bushing, lci delete and slingshot mod. It came with all the factory goodies too and even a magazine clipping of a combat handguns test of the pistol. ...

Talley Supplier Australia
Anyone know where I can get a set of Talley rings in Australia please? Specific Model • Talley Lightweight Scope Rings - 1" Anschutz - Drilled and Tapped receivers (Med) Product 940754 Height: .500" Thanks in advance

The Browning style integral rings on a T-Bolt ---
I have a set of the Browning style integral rings coming for the new T-Bolt sporter that I have and I have wondered if the "step"part of the bottom of the ring is meant to face one direction or another or can they be installed either way ? I pulled up "images"on the net of the T-Bolts to check it...

another range report & buckmark question
Had fun shooting about 300 rounds at the range today. I had two failure to load occurrences on the first cartridge. In one case I manually pulled back the slide and let it go to feed the cartridge, in the other I used the slide lock to disengage and feed the round. Both times I had a...

Herman Weihrauch .22 Trainer
Found one of these the other day - at least most of it. Have never seen one before. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. dj

Need advise with new CZ 452 American set up
Hi folks, New here and just aquired a brand new (haven't even shot it) CZ 452 American walnut. Spent a lot of time researching an accurate 22 lr and decided on this gun. Have watched a lot of videos and searched multiple forums and feel great about the purchase. What I need help with is choosing...

Feddersen Receiver/Barrel Build
Here is a little info on my first 10-22 build. I've shot a 10-22 all my life but had never thought of building until recently. The receiver is the Feddersen bronze/nickle and the barrel is the Feddersen 16 1/4 .920 bull. Since Feddersen designs his barrels and receivers to exact Ruger specs, I...

Early Anschutz 4mm
Just purchased an early Anschutz 4mm trainer with Nurnberg address and hand-on-sword logo on receiver. Its not perfect, but intact. These are supposedly really hard to find and I've never seen one outside reference books. Any info on these and the 4mm round? Thanks. dj

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